Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10765

Features added / modified

Customer Interest Report
Customers interest report has been updated by adding the following:
1) column document total value
2) filter regarding interest amount limit
3) comment field in customer interest calculation

Copy budgeting data
Filter regarding deleting existing data has been added in copy budget data job.

Bug fixing

Insert - Update - Delete Contacts
Update type Insert - Update - Delete was not properly working in contract parameters.

Service set
In some cases, in service folders containing service set services, error "SRVLINES: Dataset not in edit or insert mode" occured.

Re-issue by cancelling with reversal
Re-issue by cancelling with reversal job was not properly working when the document had payment term calculation mode with question.

User login
Trying to log in a company without having defined periods for the current date, banned the log in companies with active periods.

Add ons
An error occured while installing all the available add ons, using filter select all.

Emails with recording
An occured while sending emails with recording.

Trading partner in contracts
Hyper-link trading partner was not properly working in contracts of business operations.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10763

Bug fixing

Imports Exports per Items
In Ιmports-Exports per Items report, items having only exports in the selected dates were not displayed.

Sorting on default selector
Declared sorting on browsers was not properly working.

Production documents with lots
Lots remained in the lines of already posted production documents, even if the item was changed.

Fixed asset status depreciations
Depreciations were not displayed in the Fixed asset summary status GAS & IAS report.

Appointments in outlook connector were not properly working.

Depreciation GAS & IAS reports
In some cases, GAS & IAS depreciations were not displayed in the related reports.

Line columns in stock documents
Line columns in stock documents were not properly working.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10762

Features added / modified

Documents assignment to the bank
Modified the documents assignment to the bank job dialog, so as to suggest "Yes" in every line.

D394 Statement
Proceeded with the necessary modifications in order for Soft1 to fully comply with the latest updates of ANAF and generate the 394 Statement correctly.

SQL Scripts
SQL Scripts can be declared and called throught Web Service SQLDATA.

Automatic year creation
Logging in through web services, the log in years are automatically created, if they do not already exist.

Bug fixing

VAT value in costing folders
Fixed the VAT value of expense documents column in costing folders to display the correct value.

Current Stock Balances
An error occured, after changing stock opening balances with lots, affecting current stock balances report results.

Import script
An error occured in import scripts containing items having only one variation.

Lots with norminal proposal
Lots prososal with norminal values is now properly working.

New bill of materials
Fixed an error that displayed the message "Field SPCS cannot be modified" when trying to post a new entry, while having a locked bill of materials open.

Bill of materials
Modified user rights so that fields "Main" and "Locked" in bill of materials can be changed by any user. The "Locked" flag can only be modified by user with sounlock rights.

Routing throught customers browser
Google maps routing is now properly working thought default windows web explorer browser.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10759

Features added / modified

Intrastat document date
Filters regarding documents date have been added to intrastat reports.

Bug fixing

Search code in stock documents
Item cards can be opened throught search code hyperlink in stock documents.

Line columns
Declared line columns are maintained, even if the form of the document has been changed.

Summary card
Wrong sign displayed in the summary card report of customers ,if the selected company was different than the log in company.

Sales statistics
Empty period columns were displayed in sales statistics reports.

Numbers format
Numbers format settings were not properly working.

New employee
An error occured when creating new empoyees using copy from buffer.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10754

Features added / modified

New VAT – Purchase VAT Journal and Sales VAT Journal -New Columns
The field BGOTHRVAT (Alte taxe Romania) brings the correct options for Sales VAT journal.

Bug fixing

Import from xxf file
Link "results" was not properly working while importing xxf files with errors.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10753

Features added / modified

Locked bill of materials
Added the option to edit the values for fields "main" and "active" of a bill of materials, even when it is locked .

Line columns
Added the ability to include a salesperson's surname in the line columns of a sales document.

Other transaction assignments
Added the ability to allow factoring for other transactions documents.

Bug fixing

Posting invoice with automatic coverage for items with variations
Corrected an error in quantity calculations in the lines of an invoice with automatic coverage. The error would show up for items with variations whose quantity was bigger than the order's.

Item with variations and different units of measurement
Fixed an error in posting documents, that displayed the following message: "ATTENTION! There is a difference between Variation analysis and the total quantity on line". This error would occur in cases where a document contained an item with variations that had different units of measurement, alternative codes with quantities and fixed relation.

Objects log file
Fixed an error that disallowed deleting bank accounts monitoring from the objects log file, displaying the message "Ole Error: 80040E14. Incorrect syntax near...".

Qlikocx.ocx error
Corrected an occasional error while installing Qlikview ocx.

Objects log file error
Fixed an error that disallowed deleting alternative codes monitoring from the objects log file, displaying the message "Incorrect syntax near...".

Fixed an error in conversion of documents containing more than 1000 lines.

S1 Import script
Corrected an error in S1 import that prompted the user with the message “Ole Error: 80040E14. Invalid column name ‘YYY’ “ when an import script with XXX_YYY code format was created.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10752

Features added / modified

New VAT – Purchase VAT Journal and Sales VAT Journal -New Columns and Filters
Added the fields Company legal form (TRDR.CMPMODE) and Tax identification code (TRDR.BGBULSTAT) in Romanian VAT journal.

Cash flow analysis settlement amount separation
Cash flow analysis now supports separation of the settlement amount based on cash type.

Bug fixing

Purchase statistics in group of companies
Corrected an error in group of companies environment, where the suppliers filter in purchase statistics reports was not properly working.