Thursday, July 28, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10742

Bug fixing

Totals in "Stock balance per w/h" report
Fixed an error in the totals of the "Stock balance per w/h" report, occuring in installations with group of companies.

Production documents
Quantity 1 in product items of production documents is now updated when we change quantity 2.

Retail sales
Quantity 1 in retail sales documents with item variations in line columns is now correctly updated.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10741

Features added / modified

Objects Log File in Service Folders
Added the ability to monitor Service Folders activity in Objects Log File.

Bug fixing

CRM action type
Fixed an error that caused mixing of action types in CRM.

Image URL
Fixed an error causing Soft1 to crash when selecting an image for a stock item from a URL.

Exchange rate error after document transformation
Fixed an error in exchange rate while transforming a sales document having "Open-item in Transaction Currency" property set to True.

Main product lot code in production documents
Corrected an error in production documents, that maintained the same code for main product lot while changing requirements in BoM.

Variants in sales document items
Fixed an occasional error in sales document items when changing variant quantities.

Error in lot while transforming production order
Corrected an error that caused missing lots after transforming a production order to production document.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10740

Features added / modified

IR7 - Tax-free cuts for widower 's pension
IR7 file changes have been made so that tax-free cuts for widower's pension take into account code 3475 payroll element. 

Bug fixing

Production documents lots
Modified functionality of production documents with lots, so that when updating the bill of materials, changed materials lots are deleted.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10739

Features added / modified

Statements of branches
Statements of branches report has been added in trading parties reports.

Wrap Form pages
New parameter has been added in explorer configuration regarding wrapping the form of pages with tabs.

Update Cost Elements in BOMs
Having declared participation of costing elements in by-products costs and running the "Update Cost Elements in BOMs" job, the quantity of the product in column Units is displayed without adding the quantity of the by-product.

Brought fwd
Having a specific date declared in the filters of items statements and Monthly average price as valuation method, the Brought fwd value is calculated regarding the previous month's cost price.

IR7 - 2015
Regarding the Employers Return (IR.7) for Tax Year 2015, the following two employee data fields were added: Tax Number and Widow's Pension.

Extra depreciations of fixed assets
The totals in normal and extra depreciation data have been fixed.

IR7 - Rounding issues
Issues regarding rounding have been fixed.

Bug fixing

VAT change in documents with ABC
In manual documents with ABC analysis, the manual change of the VAT value was not maintained.

Romania - Trial Balance per Group
Corrected an error in report results when the account level was set to be greater than 1.

Document Discount
Discount in the lines of the document was not always correctly calculated when during document conversion included items with variations.

Raw materials per Product
Raw materials per Product Report in Oracle databases was displaying the following error: ora-00933 sql command not properly ended.

Factoring - Sales
Sales documents already concessed could be chosen again for concession in factoring.

Open documents
An error was occurring while choosing trading party in open documents.

Re-issue by canceling with reversal
Re-issue by canceling with reversal of customer collection by credit card was wrongly imported the cash value.

Credit controls
Suppliers & creditors credit controls were not always properly working.

IR7 - Green card
Corrected an error related to Green card nunber

IR7- Life insurance
Changes have been made regarding life insurance data.

IR7 - widow's pension
Fixed an error related to widow's pension ammount.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10736

Features added / modified

Data cards
Data cards are sorted regarding the flag of the transaction.

CRM - Questions in xxf
Export of questions in xxf has been added as ability.

Bug fixing

Document import
An error was occured in imports with lot of document lines.

Auto Composition with mass conversion
Composition documents were not created through conversion with mass process, despite the fact that automatic composition was declared in documents series.

Stock Balance - FIFO analysis
Corrected the filters for item code and item description.

Sales - purchases journal
Brought fwd is correctly calculated in sales and purchases journal when specific dates are declared in their filters.

Guarantees per SN does not work when transforming a document
Guarantees per SN does not work when transforming a document.

Windows scheduler export
OUTPUT=XLSX has been added in reports configuration using command lines. In this case a xlsx file will be created.

Document conversion with branch
In cases with automatic pay-off by credit card, the suggested branch of pay off documents posted through conversion is the branch of the initial document.

office 365/ double entries
An error was occurred when a later from the login date was declared in the filters. Reinstallation of Cloud Apps is required (CloudAppsConnector.dll, Office365Connector.dll).

Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage
In databases with big data of stock items with variations, a delay was occurred in Purchase Orders of Items in Shortage job.

data error / elegant super
A data error was displayed when changing lines with items having zero values.

Report Filters
Corrected an error in report filters: if a code filter was used, while selecting a record from the look up list, the list was displaying the record's id instead of the record's code.

Fixed an occasional error in grouped data in reports.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10734

Bug fixing

Consumption percentage based on
Corrected an error that caused wrong values to be used by "Copy from buffer" in bill of materials, when the production parameter "Consumption percentage based on" was selected.

Sales leads - Copy offer
Fixed the "Copy offer" job in sales leads with quotations, that caused an error.

Exchange rates
Fixed an error occuring while downloading exchange rates, when there were inactive currencies.

Stock Ledger - Brought fwd (Qty2)
In stock ledger, the column "Brought fwd" (Qty2) now displays results correctly.

Recalculate Customer's Bonus Cards Points
Corrected an error appearing in databases with multiple companies, where the recalculation of bonus card points in a company without entries affected the points in the other companies.

Field after searching
Fixed an error that caused "Field after searching" parameter in sales and purchases to be ignored, if the same parameter was set in Stock Management.

Fixed an occasional error that caused eINVOICE data to be missing from the company's parameters.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Version 4.00.515.10733

Features added / modified

Customer data maintenance in bonus cards
A message box has been added to confirm whether to maintain customer data after selecting bonus card in a document created by conversion.

NVarchar Local Fields
Unicode alphanumeric field type has been added as an option in local fields.

Bug fixing

Fixed Assets Status-Summary Report
F/A account can now be selected as filter in fixed asset status summary report.

Revaluation Vaue in Fixed Assets
Fixed an occasional error, causing incorrect update of fixed asset financial data when posting a revaluation of fixed asset document.